Parental Consent Form

Required of the parent/guardian of all student participants.
DEADLINE for Talent Show:  Tuesday, March 20

The student named below has permission to participate in Whitman Drama’s Talent Show. It is agreed, certified, and acknowledged that:

  • The undersigned parent/guardian assumes all risks in connection with the student’s participation in any and all Whitman Drama activities.
  • The Whitman Drama Booster’s board, the Whitman Drama director, officers, employees, volunteers, and agents are released and discharged from all liability for any damage, loss, or injury to the student, the student’s property, or parent’s property in connection with participation in these activities, unless caused by the negligence of Whitman Drama.
  • Whitman Drama, the director, employees, volunteers, and agents are not responsible for the student once he/she leaves the school property after the scheduled activity.
  • The above-named student is in good health. In the event of illness or accident, permission is granted for emergency treatment to be administered.  The undersigned parent/guardian will assume full responsibility for any such action, including all costs associated with such emergency treatment.
  • If the student named here has any allergies, medicinal reactions, or unusual physical conditions that should be made known to a treating physician or that could limit participation, these have been noted on the student participation form.

NOTE! This form will not work if you use an AOL or Yahoo address in the “Parent/guardian email” field. If you only have an AOL or Yahoo address, enter “” as the “Parent/guardian email” AND then enter your AOL or Yahoo address in the “True parent/guardian email” field.