Program Bio Submissions

For acts, actors, tech crew, and production team
DEADLINE for Talent Show: TBA

Each bio must begin with student’s (or, for Talent Show, act’s) correctly spelled name and must not exceed 60 words; otherwise, it will be cut from the program. In addition, anything that is deemed inappropriate by the producer or faculty will be cut, without exception.

Spell-check will not be run on the bios, so the way you spell it will be the way you see it in the program.

Submit your bio using the form below or email to before the deadline. Handwritten and/or late bios will not be accepted.

This form will not work if you use an AOL or Yahoo address in the “Email” field (only this one; it’s fine to use AOL or Yahoo addresses in the other email field). If you only have an AOL or Yahoo address, enter “” as the “Email” AND then enter your AOL or Yahoo address in the “True email” field.