Audition Details

Fall 2017 Musical: On the Town

Vocal Auditions: Wednesday, Sept. 6, and Thursday, Sept. 7, 3-5 pm

Dance Auditions (mandatory): Wednesday, Sept. 6, and Thursday Sept. 6, 5-6:30 pm (immediately following vocal auditions)

Callbacks (by invitation only): Friday, Sept. 8, 3 pm

First Rehearsal/Read Through: Monday, Sept. 11, 3 pm


Sign up for an audition time by completing and submitting the online audition registration form, noting your preferred audition day and any time conflicts. The student producer or stage manager will then contact you with your assigned vocal audition time. Eight students will be scheduled per 20-minute vocal audition block. Everyone who auditions will also have a dance audition to be held later that same day. You can either wait at school after your vocal audition, or go home and return for the dance audition time.

Vocal auditions will be held on the stage. You should arrive in the backstage hallway 30 minutes prior to your audition time to check in. Audition groups will be escorted backstage and students will individually audition center stage; the whole group will be excused together. You may not watch other groups audition.

Dance auditions will also be held on the stage. Check in with the stage manager prior to the start—you will be given a number to wear. You must participate in the both the dance and vocal components of this audition.


You will be asked to sing 16-32 memorized bars of music (and have second piece on standby) from a Broadway musical. Do not sing contemporary music. Choose a song that is suitable to your vocal range and the character you are interested in. You will be cut off after 32 bars. This is not personal; if we need to hear more we will ask. It is good practice to have two songs prepared, but we may only ask for one.

In addition, if you are interested in a principal role, we strongly suggest that you be very familiar with all of the songs from the show prior to your potential callback.

You must bring sheet music with you to the audition and be prepared to sing with a live accompanist.  Please make sure your music is marked with the appropriate 16-32 bar cuts. You will have a few seconds to go over tempo and style with the accompanist, but not practice time.

Do NOT sing a capella. Do NOT sing with a recording.

Remember to “act” your song.  This doesn’t mean run around the stage, but be sure to put some emotion and story behind your technique. There will not be a separate acting audition until the callbacks, so you need to demonstrate your acting talents during your vocal audition. This can make or break your chances for your preferred part.


This is a huge dance show! Everyone in the show must be able to dance and all performers will dance at some point.

While having experience is good, we will be teaching the styles we are looking for. We strongly encourage you to take classes this summer and to attend the dance camp scheduled at Whitman during the last week of August.

Choreography for On the Town will include Broadway jazz and ballet. Be prepared to learn dance steps from each discipline at the auditions. Also, be prepared to show us your related “special talents,” such as contortions, juggling, gymnastics, and so forth.

If you hope to be cast, you must participate in the dance audition. Please come prepared to move by bringing jazz shoes or sneakers, and wear clothes that show off the line of your body (nothing baggy, no jeans or flip flops).  Dancers will need to exhibit strong movement skills and physical expression through body movements.


The audition panel will determine which students we would like to see again for specific roles in the show. This could include solo singing roles, acting roles, and dancing roles. If you are invited to callbacks, you may be asked to read from the script; sides will be made available the day before the callback. We recommend that you be familiar not only with the part you are called back for, but the entire show, in case you are asked to read for multiple parts.

If you are not asked to come to the callback it does NOT mean you haven’t been cast. It simply means we have seen enough to make a decision. We will only call back students from whom we need to either see more or make a comparison. Callbacks are not gratuitous, but merely a process for the artistic team to narrow the decision when and where it is needed.


We are searching for diversity and may not follow conventional casting structures for the show. We will cast creative, responsible, dedicated students who will represent the best of Whitman Drama. Performers must be willing to work hard, have fun, and hold an open mind.  The style in which this show will be directed may be very different from traditional musicals and we hope to cast students who are willing to stretch their talents to new levels.


Performing in On the Town is a big commitment, and we are looking to cast students who can live up to it. It may be difficult balancing other extra-curricular activities while participating in the rehearsal process. We may be able to consider a few exceptions but expect that all students signed up to participate will attend all rehearsals. Much of this show is dependent on the ensemble nature of the piece and much time will be needed for staging, vocals, and dance.  A specific rehearsal schedule will be released at the auditions; you should expect that rehearsal will be daily after school with occasional Saturday mornings for several weeks.


Please arrive early to your audition, be warmed up, focused, and ready to go. Arriving early will also provide you time to fill out any needed paperwork, get a photo taken, and take time to breathe or get a drink of water. We could be running early or late for your time slot, so please be prepared for either scenario.

When entering the audition take a moment to communicate your tempo with the pianist, go to the center of the room, announce your name and audition song, take a breath, and go for it.  Remember, personality and the way you act your song will go a long way. If you are asked to try something different, be flexible and go with it.  Remember, we want to cast you. We want you to be perfect for the part! It makes it easier for us!