The Whitman Drama Program

Whitman Drama is an award-winning high school drama program serving Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Md. The company produces at least three shows each year: a fall musical featuring accompaniment by a student orchestra; a winter play; and a student-directed talent show. Additionally, the program hosts workshops and student-managed theater projects. The Daryl Shaw Auditorium, home of the Whitman Drama program, holds 1,200 seated audience members.

Whitman Drama is structured very much like a conservatory program, with its primary focus on the process of artistic development rather than the end-product. Students are responsible for all aspects of show production and handle multiple theater components—everything from on-stage performance to stage design to technical and production management. The student leadership team includes a student producer, stage manager, technical director—all of whom generally serve a one-year commitment—plus assistants to these positions, who are chosen for each production.

Whitman Drama strives to promote intelligence, commitment, diversity and an understanding of the human condition by applying techniques based in realism.